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natural deodorant burned my skin

Natural Deodorant Burned my Armpits

This is a fitness website for women and although we’re all females, I must share our secret. WE SWEAT AND IT STINKS! That’s right we smell bad sometimes. It’s usually right after we have gone hard at the gym or our living rooms with our favorite workout video. Deodorant helps us to cover this smell and like the mass majority of people in the West, we use it. Well the years of research have let us know how toxic traditional deodorant is, forcing us to look for better, more natural alternatives. I followed the trend and picked up a few brands of natural deodorant that I thought sounded pretty good. Natural Deodorants that burned my armpits

‘Tom’s’ Natural Deodorant burned my armpits

I went with Toms of Maine in the lavender scent. Tom’s is a pretty good company as far as toothpaste goes and is well known in the natural beauty product sector. When I looked at it, I saw that it wasn’t completely clear but somewhat clear looking- which might not seem like anything to you but clear deodorant often burns my armpits. I paid it no mind because I thought it was a superior quality product right off the bat.

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FitTea Detox Tea

Review for FitTea All Natural Detox Tea

FitTea approached me to review their product “ FitTea detox tea”. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it at first because I was on a fitness challenge on my Youtube channel and I wanted any progress that I made to be only from my exercise regimen and diet. I was, however, able to squeeze it in for about a week and that’s why you’re seeing this review. Yay for pointing out the obvious!

Well first off it comes in 2 sizes. There’s the 14 day detox and the 28 day detox. I only used the product for 7 days though. Secondly this is loose leaf tea so it’s not in a teabag. You will have to purchase a tiny mesh tea strainer like the one pictured. Not for nothing though, the tea ball made me feel really classy, like I was having tea time in England. Lol. The ingredients are pretty primo. No junk in there really except for the corn (not that corn is junk but you know what I mean). Honestly I have no idea why there would be corn in tea but it’s there. I actually saw a full kernel! Anyway, the other ingredients are cool. Ingredients: Oolong Wu Yi, organic rooibos, ginger (yum), pomegranate, guarana, birch, stevia, corn (for enhanced flavor and aroma) and honey powder. See all good stuff. Well FitTea claims to detox, boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite and also to give you energy without jitters. A lot of it is caffeine type ingredients to give you a bit of a jolt- and that’s what it did for me. I was expecting to have to be very near a toilet all day, everyday but it didn’t have that kind of detoxing effect on me.

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