What is Fit Naturals?

Fit Naturals is a social media based movement for all the natural haired ladies out there that are into fitness. Founder, Aisa Kemp is a natural hair vlogger on For Us Naturals and a fitness vlogger on Fit Naturals (formerly FunFitness5000 and Fun Fit Aisa. In 2015 she started an Instagram account that combined the love of both called Fit Naturals. She also has another Youtube channel, 2 other instagram accounts and multiple facebook fan pages. She wanted to start a group to interact with her demographic(s) so she started the Facebook support group called Fit Naturals. The ultimate goal of all of the Fit Naturals endeavors is to encourage and support women on journeys to wear their natural hair and get fit. We have even been having a great time meeting with each other and plan to have more outings in the future.
The group now has over 20,000 members and it’s growing everyday. Check out the group to interact with the other positive, supportive ladies and maybe sign up for one of Fit Naturals’ future meetups or challenges. We’d love to have you sis!