Review for FitTea All Natural Detox Tea

FitTea Detox Tea

FitTea approached me to review their product “ FitTea detox tea”. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it at first because I was on a fitness challenge on my Youtube channel and I wanted any progress that I made to be only from my exercise regimen and diet. I was, however, able to squeeze it in for about a week and that’s why you’re seeing this review. Yay for pointing out the obvious!

Well first off it comes in 2 sizes. There’s the 14 day detox and the 28 day detox. I only used the product for 7 days though. Secondly this is loose leaf tea so it’s not in a teabag. You will have to purchase a tiny mesh tea strainer like the one pictured. Not for nothing though, the tea ball made me feel really classy, like I was having tea time in England. Lol. The ingredients are pretty primo. No junk in there really except for the corn (not that corn is junk but you know what I mean). Honestly I have no idea why there would be corn in tea but it’s there. I actually saw a full kernel! Anyway, the other ingredients are cool. Ingredients: Oolong Wu Yi, organic rooibos, ginger (yum), pomegranate, guarana, birch, stevia, corn (for enhanced flavor and aroma) and honey powder. See all good stuff. Well FitTea claims to detox, boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite and also to give you energy without jitters. A lot of it is caffeine type ingredients to give you a bit of a jolt- and that’s what it did for me. I was expecting to have to be very near a toilet all day, everyday but it didn’t have that kind of detoxing effect on me. In fact I’m not sure I detoxed at all.

I was prepared for it but it did not increase my bathroom frequency. The metabolism boosting is something I can’t say that I had either. I was exercising on the regular anyway so a lot of my weight loss and metabolism seemed that they could have been from that. It did however give me a steady stream of energy to help me get things going. I have to admit that it did it well and I wasn’t jittery. Btw, I definitely get jitters from highly caffeinated products so this was a big plus for me. Who wants to feel like your gonna have a heart attack just to get your day going?

At the end of the day it came through with at least part of the claims for me. I saw other people’s reviews and they reported feeling detox effects so it might just be me but I can’t call it. I can only stand by the energy giving benefits without feeling crazy afterward. I MUST also add that FitTea is meant to be used alongside healthy eating and exercise for best results- you know like if you wanna lose weight. I did lose weight but I couldn’t tell if it was from my fitness challenge or the tea. I made a video review as well. Check it out if you wanna. By the way I reviewed this on my Natural hair channel, NOT my fitness channel.

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