Low Fat Deviled Eggs with No Mayo

Deviled eggs are a favorite at summer time bbqs and events. They are small, portable, easy to make, easy to fit in the mouth, and let’s face it~ they are freaking delish! The pitfall is that, it is not particularly a low calorie or low fat food, which can be an issue for those of us that are counting calories (damn you myfitnesspal!). An egg has about 60-75 calories each and mayo is about 100 calories per tablespoon. That can lead to some serious calorie intake when you start tossing back these little devils, pun intended. This is not including any other specialty ingredients that you might add like bacon (Yum) or the basic relish. So it seems that low fat deviled eggs aren’t a thing that can actually happen right?

Well my hubby makes me deviled eggs for breakfast because eating scrambled eggs everyday was a complete and utter bore. I love deviled eggs and I don’t even care about the calories most times but when I tried to get back into myfitnesspal I decided to ask him how much mayo he used in the egg yolk filling. He has an aversion to using a measured spoon and always wants to just use regular spoons in the kitchen, even though I tell him they are not accurate for measuring. To make a long nagging session short, he basically gave me a puzzled look. He said “Mayo??” Now I was puzzled. “Yeah mayo! Deviled eggs at its very most basic level is boiled eggs with mayo. You can’t make deviled eggs without mayo”.
He went on to say he didn’t use any mayo. I needed to know how he made it creamy then. I mean, I know egg yolks don’t just cream themselves. He said that he only uses relish with the egg yolk and the liquid and moisture give the same creamy consistency as I’m used to from mayonnaise. Wow! I had had no idea up until then that he had been feeding me lower calorie /low fat deviled eggs. There I was thinking I was living on the edge and realized I was well within the confines of boring old diet food. Well maybe not diet food but you get my meaning. I would have felt bad about myself but…they were just really good.

Moral of this story is um, you don’t have to use mayo to make deviled eggs. I thought that was implied in the article but just in case you missed the point, that is the intended moral. P.S. Look at our pretty eggs.

Have you tried these low fat deviled eggs yet? How did you like them. Let me know down in the comments.

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