Best Iron Supplement that WON’T Upset Your Stomach

Favorite Iron Supplements for happy bellies

Since Fit Naturals is intended for a female audience, I have to talk about one of our lady issues right now. Many women (in their childbearing years especially) are anemic due to losing excessive blood from their period. My doctor also informed me that women who work out lose a lot of their iron just from working out. That was a double wammy for me. For us that need to take iron, we all know finding iron supplement that won’t upset your stomach can be hard…downright impossible. I personally get horrifically painful flatulence and constipation. I have also found out (through the miracle that is google) that many people also get diarrhea. Either way, irregularity is no fun and can cause problems for a woman on the go (pun kinda intended). My doctor has sworn that ferrous sulfate is the way to go but if that’s his only option then I’ll just keep my anemia. I have tried a few options that I’ve had MUCH better results with and I wanted to share them with my ladies!

House of Herbs Blackstrap Molasses

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Blackstrap Molasses w 70% RDA Iron

I’m not a fan of molasses per say. I mean come on. It is bitter and makes things taste bad. I heard that I might be able to pick of some extra iron. Well if you try any other brand then the iron content will be negligible but somehow house of Herbs has been able to give their product 70% of the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of iron. Yes. I said 70% That seems like a pretty good amount to me and when used in my green smoothies, as a sweetener, it gets a boost. Since the iron isn’t heme iron (iron from animal products) it is harder to absorb so it would be best to take it with some sort of vitamin c. The best part is that it didn’t give me any abdominal distress. If you can handle the taste you can just take a few tablespoons and not have to add it to anything. I bought a case of it from amazon. Want some for yourself? Click here-> house of herbs blackstrap molasses 16 oz Glass Jar

Spatone Natural Iron Supplement-formerly Pur Absorb

Pur Absorb also worked pretty well for me. It is simply water! Well not regular water that comes out of our faucet but water nonetheless. This water is specially sourced spring water. This spring has naturally occurring iron in high levels. The type of iron is ferrous sulfate (like the pills! Yikes!) but there’s a reason why it doesn’t cause the problems that the pill will give you. The reason that doctors recommend so many high doses of iron is because a healthy adult only absorbs 3% of the usual 60-65g of iron that they take in. That isn’t very much. The rest of the iron that isn’t absorbed goes through your digestive system and causes all the pain and issues. The reason this product works so great is because of it’s proven high absorption rate. Since it is much more easily absorbed it doesn’t have to have such a high dose. You get the supplementation that you need without taking in as much iron. Less unused iron equals less stomach discomfort. It’s as simple as that. When I first bought it was suggested that it be taken with vitamin c just like many other iron supplements. I used to add it to a glass of lemon water or a small glass of orange juice in the morning. Trust me, you don’t want to try this plain. It tastes like blood!!! Recently they came out with a version that already contains the vitamin c that you need to help absorb even more. So it naturally is better absorbed plus the vitamin c will make it absorb even better. Winning all around.


The price is insane right now. It is more than double what I used to pay for it. I don’t suggest you waste your money. The great thing is that they are offering what appears to be the exact same thing at cheaper prices under the simple name Spatone 100% Natural Iron Supplement
Get the plain version ->
Get the w/ vitamin C added->

SSS Tonic

This is an oldie but goodie. I told my mother in law about my issues with anemia and how I had to take in iron but I hated taking iron and she told me to get some 3 S tonic. Um…what? What was she talking about? I had to go look it up and it looked pretty familiar. I also heard in the Fit Naturals Group that it is the same thing marketed as Geritol in some places. It has an impressive amount of nutrients including

  • 333% RDA of Thiamine
  • 141% RDA of Riboflavin
  • 100% RDA of Niacin
  • But come on- we only care about the iron right now. It contains a whopping 556% of RDA of Iron (in the form of ferric ammonium citrate)!
    Now that’s a lot of iron and people have been using it literally for decades to up their iron intake. This whole formula is great for energy because you know how anemia can zap it away from you. The huge amounts of b vitamins help as well. The dosing is 3 tbsp daily and it’s best to take after a meal. The taste is a little strong for some because um… contains alcohol. This formula is 12% alcohol and you should probably avoid giving it to children unless you’re trying to get some sleep (I’m so bad). The lush in me likes the liquid but they also have a tablet form with no alcohol. It has less iron but it still gives you 300% of the RDA and a lot more other vitamins/nutrients than the liquid. I’ve been rolling with this for the last few months. Get some for yourself->

  • 10 oz sss tonic –
  • 20 oz sss tonic ->
  • SSS Tabs 40 count ->
  • SSS Tabs 80 count ->
  • That’s all I got ladies! Do you have anything to add? Have you tried any of these supplements? If so how’d they work for you? Let us know in the comments.

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