natural deodorant burned my skin

Natural Deodorant Burned my Armpits

This is a fitness website for women and although we’re all females, I must share our secret. WE SWEAT AND IT STINKS! That’s right we smell bad sometimes. It’s usually right after we have gone hard at the gym or our living rooms with our favorite workout video. Deodorant helps us to cover this smell and like the mass majority of people in the West, we use it. Well the years of research have let us know how toxic traditional deodorant is, forcing us to look for better, more natural alternatives. I followed the trend and picked up a few brands of natural deodorant that I thought sounded pretty good. Natural Deodorants that burned my armpits

‘Tom’s’ Natural Deodorant burned my armpits

I went with Toms of Maine in the lavender scent. Tom’s is a pretty good company as far as toothpaste goes and is well known in the natural beauty product sector. When I looked at it, I saw that it wasn’t completely clear but somewhat clear looking- which might not seem like anything to you but clear deodorant often burns my armpits. I paid it no mind because I thought it was a superior quality product right off the bat.

Are there any Health Benefits of Walking?

Sooo, walking?- (confused face followed by lighthearted chuckle), am I right? (I know. It’s a hack comedian line but still a keeper). Have you ever thought about starting a workout regimen and wanting to go as easy or light as possible? Of course not you, you hard worker you! I mean other people who want to make an easy go of it. Do you know any of those types? Well I see them online often asking questions about simply walking. Can I just walk they’ll ask. Many say “No! Walking isn’t exercise”, or Black Girl Walking Infinity“Real exercise involves heavy sweating, racing heartbeats and of course weights”…right? Well not necessarily. Walking isn’t useless at all in the grand scheme of things. It’s something that most of us able bodied people do pretty regularly in day to day life, but it could be SO much more.

Benefits of Walking for Health and Fitness

Just regular daily brisk walking can have positive effects including:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Can prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthening your bones and muscles
  • Improving your mood
  • Improving your balance and coordination.1
  • Allergic to Exercise? Runner’s Itch Relief!

    I didn’t know I had runner’s itch at first. It all started a few years ago when I was way into working out! I exercised probably 2-3 hours a day. I slowed all the way down since then, (for shame) but I do remember something really weird that started around that time. I was running in some hills in California. I had run up the hill and gone up and down some heavy terrain steps a few times and I was in the home stretch headed down a simple paved road back to my car. That’s when it happened! I had a little itch in my leg that soon became a big itch. I tried to keep running but literally had to stop and scratch. The itching had taken over my whole entire upper leg, booty and stomach. I stood there scratching for my life. My husband was embarrassed because he didn’t know what I was doing. I told him I was itching and he wanted me to just ignore it. I tried to explain that it couldn’t be ignored. The irritation was too great. It went from a simple itch to my body feeling so inflamed that I had to put my hands inside my pants to ravenously claw at myself.

    My Legs After Scratching

    My poor thigh after scratching my runner’s itch.

    About my Case of Runner’s Itch

    My personal case of runner’s itch will vary from other people because many describe different circumstances. I usually get the itching in the fattiest parts of my body- my thighs, butt, stomach, breast, and my triceps. I have never gotten it while lifting weights so it is purely about cardio for me. I have only gotten it while exercising outside so I thought that it was temperature related. (I have heard some mention that they got it while on a spinning bike at the gym too!) It is more apt to happen when it is cooler or normal temp than when it is a scorching hot day. It also usually happens when I am running downhill, so basically when I’m trying to go home. Well originally when it happened I did what any normal person with a health crisis would do. I googled it. Oddly enough me putting in the symptom of itching while exercising turned up some pretty sad news. Many others complained about it happening, but said that doctors tried to convince them it was in their heads. Only recently have I met someone that gave it a name and when I looked it up I finally got some validation.

    Cardio + Upper Body Workout Video

    Cardio + Upper Body Strength Workout Video

    Here’s a Tabata Workout video that’s just straight to the point. I don’t even speak in the video. Get Ready. Get Set. Go

    How did you like this workout? Are you sweating yet? Let me know down in the comments.

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    chocolate peanut butter chia pudding

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding

    Well chia seeds certainly got popular out of nowhere. Gone are the days when they are just displayed around silly pottery faces. These little seeds are quite the little powerhouse of nutrition providing fiber, antioxidants & heart healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. I decided to hop on the bandwagon to see what all the to do was about. Honestly I wasn’t floored by them at first but they grew on me once I started making the pudding. Well chia pudding is super simple to make. You just mix 3 tbsp of the seeds per cup of liquid, stir a few times and watch them expand to form a gelatinous pudding (especially if the liquid is creamy). If you use a milk (or nut milk) you will have to add a sweetener. I like to use vanilla almond milk because it is already lightly sweet. I can eat the stuff like it’s going out of style. Really. Who would have thought that I could have gotten so much gratification out of my life if I had stolen my friends grandmother’s plant and put the seeds in almond milk. The pudding will put you in the mind of tapioca pudding because it has a somewhat similar consistency. Trust me it is good stuff. Also be on the lookout for that fiber. It WILL clean your clock, and by clock I mean bowels. I feel like mine must have been sparkling shortly after. (TMI?) Anyway, here’s the recipe for this masterpiece

    6 tbsp of chia seeds to your chocolate milk & let it sit for a minute. Stir. Let it sit for 5 minutes & stir again. Let it sit for 10 minutes and stir again.
    Place container in the fridge and allow the chia seeds to expand and form the “pudding”.